17 June, 2019

Van Son Pagoda

Perched into the side of a hill, it offers a peaceful pause and a view to the ocean and town against a backdrop of mountains.

Van Son Pagoda (Nui Mot Pagoda), the name translates as Cloudy Hill Palace (It is also known as Nui Mot Pagoda) and it’s a picturesque place to visit, not so much for the temple—even though it is quite beautiful—but for the panoramic view it offers of Con Dao Town, An Hai Lake, and Con Son Bay below. The temple was built in 1964 for the prison officers and government officials stationed on Con Dao, and it is now considered a memorial to the martyrs who died during Vietnam‘s fight for independence.

Founded in 1964 by Ho Chi Minh Buddhists from Vinh Nghiem pagoda, the pagoda was meant to meet the spiritual needs of the living local population as well as those who have passed away. Surrounded by green forests and mountains, Van Son is scenic and peaceful.